Welcome to the Family!!

Hi! Nick and I are so happy to have you join our fit family! For those of you who have signed up early and supported our movement during the beginning and preorder phase we can't thank you enough for the out pouring love and support! We really want to change the way people view and actively workout to change their lives BUT overall mindset. What started out as a hobby really for both my brother and I has turned into this beautiful way of life we really hope you can benefit from. It's not about the bands, the movements or muscle toning. I like to think about the effects of our bands as the bonus part of ZAJ FIT. We really want to educate people in shifting their conscience programing of the habits they've created in their lives. We'll of course be posting videos of workouts and tuns of educational material to help you looking but also thinking your best! We are all on this journey of life together & if ZAJ FIT can help even in the smallest measure to the journey we have succeeded! 

We LOVE the feedback from trainers, gyms and people starting to use their sets! We have tuns of new projects and collaborations in the works that we can't wait to announce to you guys in the VERY near future! If you haven't already subscribe to our newsletters please do so you don't miss out on anything happening coming out and keep checking back here as we update these blogs and grow with you!! 

Thanks again and welcome to the ZAJ FIT Fam!!

Lot's of love always,